Welcome to my front porch…

mr-sunshine-1441716In Fahrenheit 451, one of the most meaningful novels in my life, Ray Bradbury wrote about how front porches disappeared in the futuristic society he created. Sometimes I feel like that happens now.

“No front porches. My uncle says there used to be front porches. And people sat there sometimes at night, talking when they wanted to talk, rocking, and not talking when they didn’t want to talk. Sometimes they just sat there and thought about things, turned things over. My uncle says the architects got rid of the front porches because they didn’t look well. But my uncle says that was merely rationalizing it; the real reason, hidden underneath, might be they didn’t want people sitting like that, doing nothing, rocking, talking; that was the wrong KIND of social life. People talked too much. And they had time to think. So they ran off with the porches.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

This blog is dedicated to Bradbury and all writers out there (I plan to make some connections to many here) who bring us back to the front porch, gathering us for thought, for dialogue, for the kind of talk that might lead to doing things.

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